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  1. D

    Heads up for anyone chasing down rear window leak.

    2019 1500. Rear window frame cracked at top, so I used flowable silicone along the top and top corners. That fixed those leaks. Carpet still getting damp under rear passenger seat. Brake light didn't show signs of leakage, but I replaced the seal anyway due to the leak. I checked the sunroof...
  2. 3

    Gushing water from behind the glove box defrost stopped working.

    Hey everyone, I've been struggling to find much information on this topic that feels relevant to.me.so I'm bringing it up here. I have a 2020 3500 ram chassis cab the damn thing is a lemon, as most of y'all must know. Anyway my most recent problem is that the rain seems to have caused some...
  3. RandyMarionCDJR

    Water Powered...Truck? Not quite.... but it could've been!

  4. C

    Water sloshing behind firewall

    A quick statement of the problem: After leaving my truck, sit for a bit (typically rain around here), I can hear a LARGE amount of water sloshing in my DASHBOARD area when turning. When my heat is on, if I turn left, the water seems to be dousing the heater core, immediately dropping the climate...
  5. J

    Water leaking into cab 2019 Rebel

    Anyone else having an issue with water pouring into the cab through the overhead console when it rains? It does not have a sunroof! I purchased the Rebel less than a month ago & has less than 1000 miles on it. Now I own a 55,000 truck with water damage! See the video below. This was after...