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  1. THFD334


    And laugh at me if you will.. while using ALFAOBD, I changed something to only have my rear speaker at full blast and ZERO volume control. No front speakers and no volume control. Any Information will be extremely, greatly appreciated! I sincerely apologize for starting a new thread, I’m just in...
  2. B

    Ringer volume solution

    Like many, my wife and I have been assaulted by the default ringer volume in our 2021 Laramie. Adjusting volume with the knob while using car play only worked for the immediate call. However with my wife calling me in the truck I used the steering wheel volume buttons which seems to have...
  3. R

    UConnect Nav Guidance Volume setting

    I've been trying to track down this major annoyance. I went to the dealer, they are no help. They say that they checked and all vehicles do this, so it's not a problem with my BigHorn. Yes of course, it's a firmware/software problem in all units! LOL I guess their mindset is that if my truck is...
  4. SexyJustice

    12 Inch Uconnect volume reducing on its own

    Have a 19 Laramie Sport 4x4 with the 12in Uconnect. Recently I have been having an intermittent issue with the media volume that happens at least once every couple of days. It seems that when I use the steering wheel mounted audio controls I'll eventually run into a situation where the audio...
  5. 1

    5th Gen 12" Uconnect Issues

    When listening to XM radio the volume is significantly lower than other inputs. Even maxed out it just isn't as loud. I thought about making a STAR case but figured I would do a little research first. Mine is the first Longhorn that has landed at our store and one of our customers has a Limited...