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  1. A

    Track Truck Order from Factory

    Hello, I ordered a 2022 Ram 1500 Limited from the factory. I was able to see the build progress but now that it has been shipped I have lost visibility. Is there a way to track the truck during the shipping process? I am looking for shipping tracking number or a website that allows you to...
  2. Ricard0666

    2021 ram delivery date

    Hey guys I ordered a 2021 ram on December 14th 2020, it’s now March 15th 2021 and still nothing, I have a vin that was given to me about 7 weeks ago, dealer said 8-12 weeks it’s now been 14 weeks and no update! I ordered it in ontario Canada about 30 from my house, has anyone on here ordered a...
  3. G

    Build Tracking Preferences

    So I've seen many different threads about different ways to track a build. The dealer is sending my build in today, so I was wondering a few questions: 1. What is everyone's preferred method to track their build? - I know some have mentioned a site called MOTS?. I know this site provides a...