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tazer dt

  1. M

    Tazer DT changes not saving. Help!

    I successfully paired my tazer DT and changed some vehicle settings (tire size and TPMS pressure values) following the instructions including the full reboot and 2 power cycles. The changes are not saving. I’ve been through the entire process 4-5 times. Here’s what I’ve done specifically: -...

    Tazer DT firmware 18.2.4

    Hello all, I just found this forum so hopefully, I'm posting this in the correct way. I just purchased the Tazer DT b/c of all of the reviews I've been seeing online. Once I received the device I immediately updated it to the latest firmware 18.2.4. Installed it in my truck. I activated all the...
  3. HSKR R/T

    TazerDT group buy

    Trying to see if we can get 10 more people to do a Tazer group buy. Discount will be $50 off as that's all they offer, but need a minimum of 10 people committed to get that discount. If you don't want to post, shoot me an email at [and I will compile a list to send to Z-automotive to get the...
  4. T

    Tazer DT Group Buy - Who is in?

    Hopefully, it is ok if we start a new thread for a new Tazer DT Group Buy. As of 6.13.21, we have 9 who have signed up! We need at least one more. If you are wanting a Tazer DT, please send me your name and email address. Once we have 10, I will contact the company and get the ball rolling. I...