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  1. J

    Taillight issue

    So I searched on here some but haven’t come across this exact issue. I have a 2019 Ram Bighorn, 5.7 L. I purchased the Alpha Rex Luxx tailights to change the factory halogen taillights to LED ones. These taillights look great, however my issues is that they only sometimes work. The brake and...
  2. S

    Cheap LED tail light conversion too good to be true?

    Hey all, Just bought a 22 1500, and I wanted to change the traditional incandescents over to LEDs, as many of you have. I found these on eBay, wayyy cheaper than some of the ones being offered on other websites...
  3. Evank33

    Euro taillight

    I saw a video of a Ram in Germany and noticed the led taillights illuminated differently. Top light was only the brake light and the bottom was only the turn signal. I'm interested if I'm able to do this with alfaobd on my truck and what settings I'd have to change for this to work