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  1. R

    2019 No Start but Battery Tests Okay.

    2019 1500 that after being parked for about an hour wouldn't start as if it had a dead battery. Accessory power came on like normal but the starter would click once and do nothing and a CEL came on. Used a jump pack and the truck started up just fine. I then drove home, turned the truck off...
  2. CFCSW6

    Push to start not working. Any ideas??

    Hey everyone. I have a 2019 longhorn. Got in yesterday and pushed the start button. Nothing. No start, no ignition on, no accessories, no reaction to pushing the button. background on me, I’m a former mercedes master tech so I checked the obvious. Keys good. Battery good. Truck starts and runs...
  3. Jp306

    Squeal during cold weather start ups

    Hey everyone, I haven't come across this topic yet. During colder temperatures (-15 C / 5 F and colder) I get a VERY loud squealing after start up. It sounds like a kettle whistling is the best description I can give. It will last up to a minute or so, then stops. Doesn't seem right for a brand...