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  1. M

    Ram cluster screen above steering wheel went out

    Has anyone ever had this issue?? I noticed when I cranked my truck on a while back the screen in between my RPM gauge and speedometer didn’t come on for a few minutes and then came on. Well fast forward to 2 months later, the screen dosent come on at all. At night you can see the black screen...
  2. Jonandyork

    RC speedo cal or Alfaobd

    So after going round and round about dropping the $170 on the RC or going the Alfa route after everything I have read I finally decided with my future plans the Alfa would be the better option. So I jumped in feet first, after setup and changing the fog light drop out off I am happy with the...
  3. R

    Speedometer Calibration

    Living in CA - CARB STATE........................................ Anyone have any recommendations on where to get your speedo calibrated. Going from stock rebel 33s to 35s.