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rear spring

  1. jan_riefkohl

    Clanking After Lift

    Hi, I’m posting this thread to see if anybody can help me. I’ve recently lifted my 2019 Ram 1500 Laramie with a BDS 2” Coilover Kit (1664F) and on the rear I added a pair of Icon 1.5” lift springs (212150). After the lift I started hearing a metal on metal clanking at the rear, sounds louder...
  2. B

    Rear suspension creak

    Hi Everyone - I have a 2020 1500 Crew Cab and I have had noises coming from the suspension since I bought it - both from the front and the rear. I recently had my local dealership take a look. During drop-off, I took one of the associates on a test drive around the block so he could hear the...