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ramboxes a must!

  1. costaricarams

    Leitner Gearpods on a bed that already has Ramboxes. Yay or Nay?

    I know I know. OVERKILL. hehe. Why in the hell would I want to add Leitner Gearpods on a rack on top of a bed that already has Ramboxes??? Well, the question for me is: Why not? :) I was thinking of maybe the basic Gearpods (a couple on each side) plus Rotopax gallons. I'm thinking that...
  2. alanstahl


    I have had RAMBOXES on my 2010 Laramie, 2016 Limited and my coming 2019 Limited. They are outstanding as they make it so easy to walk up to and remove tools, jackets, camping gear, act as a cooler etc. I have construction tools in my ramboxes and it save me from having to jump into the bed of...