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    I THINK!!?
    I believe I have resolved what causes the screen positions of the various icons such as NAV and PHONE to move from one position to another which appears to be arbitrary. I found that when not thinking and hitting the seat memory set button to position 1 or 2, if you had figured the screen pssitions differently, when hitting the seat position 1 the screen resets.
    As of 7/21/18, 2019 1500 RAM Limited, Fully loaded Ramboxes and Etorque in JSP. Hoping for early August delivery....Hoping...
    Any indication of different or new badging on the Hemi eTorque engine on the hood or otherwise??
    As of today, my 2019 Limited is in D1 status, ordered May 2,approximately 49 days. Understand the truck will be built in July, both RAMBOXES and Etorque are included and will be built at that time.
    In "D" Status since May 2, 2018, on fully loaded Limited with eTorque and RamBoxes, no change.
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