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ram 1500 laramie

  1. A

    Broke truck...door panel, rattles, noise driving, tires shot after 39K. Lemon of a truck. Need to talk to RAM

    I have several issues here. Truck has been nothing but a nightmare. I've had y truck in the shop so many times from rattles (which they can never fix) to whistling at interstate speed (not fixed) my door panel is broke ( all the pins don't stick) and of course I only have 39,000 miles. How do...
  2. Bravo336

    START/STOP Unavailable light

    I have a 2020 Ram 1500 Laramie, I have never had an issue with anything. today I went to Discount Tire to get new tires put on, and when I left there was a yellow light on the dash that says "Stop/Start unavailable service stop/start system". is this just a random coincidence? or is there...
  3. Ilya23

    How protect chrome(suntek vs xpel)

    Hey guys. I just purchased Ram 1500 Laramie chrome edition and I was thinking how to protect it. I called local guys in my area and they said they can do paint protection over painted part only and NOT chrome. They either can do suntek or xpel(I will do suntek probably). They quoted me for $399...
  4. D

    Front differential

    Have a 2019 ram Laramie and had the front intermediate shaft broke anyone have this issue? Caused the truck to veir off the forest road into large rocks causing body damage
  5. A

    Sunroof/shade motor stopped working

    So I have 19 1500 Laramie, I am out of warranty (53k ) and sure enough the Panoramic Roof/shade stopped working l. I had an issue with the control panel earlier and it was replaced but now I am gonna have to pay $700 ( no extended warranty purchased.. I know I should have ) has anyone else had...
  6. hdcvo2720

    2019-2020 Laramie 22" Wheel for sale.

    FOR SALE: 2019-2020 Ram 1500 Laramie 22" wheel. Wheel is like new condition. Purchased wheel to setup as a spare and no longer need it. Attached are pictures. Price $400.00 (obo) Shipping is negotiable.
  7. M

    BRAND NEW 2020 RAM 1500 LARAMIE in shop same week

    Well, I'm frustrated to say the least. I purchased my beautiful new laramie on 3/9/2020 and it was in the shop by 3/11 because my Uconnect4 8.4 in screen kept flashing and having issues. I picked it up two days later (3/13) and supposedly after a hard reset the truck should have been working...