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  1. Accessory.Parts

    Mishimoto Oil Catch Can

    Brand New, $197.80 Shipped 10+ in stock Use Discount Code: MISHIMOTO5THGEN https://accessory.parts/products/mishimoto-oil-catch-can-ram-1500-5-7l-2019-2022-mmbcc-ram-19pbe
  2. 2021 Ram 1500 limited longhorn with check engine light

    Hey all! I’m new to the site so I’m not really sure where this is supposed to go but just looking for some help/insight. I have a 2021 ram 1500 ecodiesel that I bought brand new from the dealer around the beginning of may. Keep In mind this is my daily, I drive about 140 or so all highway miles...
  3. 187penguin

    3.6L e-torque 3K mile oil analysis on factory fill

    Just got this back from Blackstone and thought I would share this for general knowledge 2021 Bighorn 1500 4x4 3.6L E-Torque Pentastar Factory Pennzoil 0w20 fill Sample taken 4 months almost to the day from purchase 3007 Miles 155 Total Hours, 65 Hours Idling 90 Hours Driving Oil Life meter...
  4. HEMI19

    Normal engine temperatures?

    Hello, This is my first post on 5th gen rams forum. I have a question about the normal operating temperatures for the 2019 Ram 1500 5.7 Hemi Lone Star. I’m seeing the following temperatures while on the freeway at speeds of 70-75MPH, ambient temperatures are 90-100F. coolant temperature...
  5. Propertyboi

    2019 Ram 3500 6.7 Limited Oil Pan Replacement

    I wanted to post this because I looked all over the web to find a video or post explaining how to do this but couldn't find anything. I doubt anyone will need to replace their oil pan on a new truck but this one I got at auction and it was in an accident. All I did was remove the air box...
  6. JTMachineDesign

    Oil Change indicator Interval - chan it be changed?

    Mine currently appears to be based on a 10K mileage interval.. I prefer to change my oil every 5K miles.. I know how to reset it, but does anyone know how to change the interval so it starts nagging when it's approaching 5K? ya ya ya.. I know I can just change it when it says 50%,, but...