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oil pressure

  1. Bucksath

    Tuning for Higher idle RPM?

    I tried doing a quick search but didn’t exactly find what I was looking for. So the hellcat/Melling oil pump seems to be the “fix” for low hot idle oil pressure but would tuning the hot idle in park engine RPM be a much easier solution? I’ve got a 2020 5.7 rebel and it idles at what looks like...
  2. DillonG

    No oil on dipstick

    Hello yall, Some background why I’m posting. I recently went in to get an oil change, after picking it up I drove it only about a mile and parked it for the night. Next day I drive about 5 miles and then I get a low oil pressure warning showing idle at around 9 psi (I know the “gauge” is not a...
  3. Genxeration

    Low Oil Pressure at Idle

    I decided to have the dealership change my 2019 Ram Laramie to full synthetic at 6k miles. My invoice shows 7 quarts of 5W20 synthetic. This is a 5.7 eTorque. Since I switched, my oil pressure at idle is inconsistent. At idle I’m seeing between 15 and 30. Once it briefly dropped to 0. After I...