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  1. Jonandyork

    RC speedo cal or Alfaobd

    So after going round and round about dropping the $170 on the RC or going the Alfa route after everything I have read I finally decided with my future plans the Alfa would be the better option. So I jumped in feet first, after setup and changing the fog light drop out off I am happy with the...
  2. JustBrowsing

    OBD port lock

    I’ve scoured the net and unable to find one of these locks. Went to dealer for service he plugged OBD device in and all lights came on which bothered me as I’ve never seen every light come on when using a OBD scanner. Would love a simple lock... any ideas
  3. Calmverbs

    Hacking the factory settings on 2020 Longhorn

    Hello! I'm new to the forum. I'm looking for a security bypass cable for a 2019-2020 Longhorn. I prematurely bought an OBDlinkmx+ Thinking I could just connect it. WRONG!!! It seems that the things I need are not available for the 2020 models. I want to make some changes to the factory settings...
  4. K

    Odometer adjustment on a 2019 Ram 5500 alfaobd

    Hello folks new member here ! Has anyone had any luck Adjusting odometer on a 2019 Ram 5500 using Alfaobd software along with a securely bypass harness - if so - did you Succeed ? If not - do you have any other suggestions on how to do it ? If you are familiar with Alfa Obd - how do you force...