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  1. W

    New Truck - Several complaints. Help/Suggestions?

    I am a new RAM owner, bought a 2022 RAM 1500 Limited a few months back and have several minor complaints and was wondering if there are any workaround or solutions to the issues or features I dislike. In no way am I trying to say I hate the truck, but I am hoping for some type of feedback and...
  2. redriderbob

    Jeep® Is Majorly Expanding Its Wagoneer Lineup Going Into 2023!

    Jeep® Is Majorly Expanding Its Wagoneer Lineup Going Into 2023! Here Is What Is In Store For Today's Announcement In New York... Jeep® is bringing a number of new equipment for its Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer (WS) lineups to this year’s New York International Auto Show (NYIAS). Highlighting...
  3. jcspino

    Long time reader, first time posting

    Hello everyone, A few weeks ago I traded in my 2016 Ram ED for a 2021 5.7 Laramie. Since the night I purchased I have been browsing the forums and sending some members messages. Everyone here is great and I have gotten so much information and many ideas catching up on the history of threads...
  4. actionjosh54

    18 Inch Wheels

    Hello! I am a new Ram owner as of a week and a half ago! Of a 2019 1500 Lone Star to be exact. It came with 18 inch wheels with those black Ram “hubcaps.” I’m looking for some aftermarket 18 inch wheels and it has been a pain. Discount Tire guy told me I should be fine with 18s and not to pay...
  5. fitKore

    Real Brand New

    Hey crew! My Euro wife and I are first time truck owners and decided to splurge a little and get a 2019 Rebel while we live here in the desert! We have a European Doberman Pinscher and the space in the back, with the fold up seats, is more than ideal for him to hang out and hang his head out...
  6. brotharon

    New Ram in Houston Tx Area

    Just picked up a 2019 Ram Rebel Crew Cab. Love the air suspension and the 12" infotainment screen. I looked at a lot of trucks over the last few months and couldnt find anything else that offered as much as the Ram. When I found one that I was able to get for $23,000 off MSRP I had to jump on...
  7. P

    20’ with 33x12.50 fits perfectly

    Alright guys that have a 2019 Dodge Ram 1500 and wondering if u can for 33x12.50 it’s is true I just got some new 20’ rims today and now it’s a proven fact. On a full turn it touches the wall but it’s so minor that u don’t even feel it or hear it. It’s a tight fit but perfect. No cutting at all...
  8. I

    Would you consider 2019 rams being made this year as first year builds?

    Im sure I'm not the only one that's been told "wait until the second year of a new re-model so they can work the bugs out" and was wondering what peoples opinions are on the trucks built in 2019 compared to the 2019 models build early 2018. Im looking at ordering a new Ram sometime this year...