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  1. TheLegend

    Best Site to Order OEM Mopar Parts

    What is the best site to order from? The two orders I have placed I’ve had terrible customer service and got wrong parts in boxes that were ordered correctly. I need to find somewhere that will actually communicate and take care of these issues. So, fellow community who do you say?
  2. redriderbob

    SEMA 2022: Mopar Introduces The Ram 1500 TRX Gold Shot Concept!

    SEMA 2022: Mopar Introduces The Ram 1500 TRX Gold Shot Concept! The TRX Pickup With A Motocrosser Mind Set... Mopar has pulled back the covers on three of its new conceptual vehicles for the 2022 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show in Las Vegas. Among the three concepts, are...
  3. C

    Spacers on Mopar 2” Lift Kit

    I have a 2020 Ram 1500 Longhorn with 2” Mopar Lift Kit, Stock 20” wheels and 295/60R20 BFG Mud Terrain Tires. The front end still sits lower than the rear. Can I install some kind of spacer or leveling kit on the front to level it to the rear? If so, who makes one and what size should I use?
  4. A

    Tri-fold Tonneau Cover for 2022 Ram 1500 Limited with rambox and MFT

    Does anyone have any pics or video that they can post on the mopar tonneau cover 82215225ad. This appears to be the only OEM Hard Tonneau Cover available for my truck but there are almost no pics or videos of this product. The few pics I have found the cover looks a little too glossy for my...
  5. Accessory.Parts

    Mopar Tow Hooks & Bezel Kit

    Brand New, $228 Shipped Use Discount Code: MOPARTOWHOOK https://www.accessory.parts/p-mopar-tow-hook-and-bezel-kit-682729apc
  6. B

    Who REALLY manufactured the factory OEM 2019 "CS7" Soft Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover for the 5th Gen Limited 5'7" with RAMBOX

    I'm looking to add a no-drill BACKRACK and retain my Tonneau cover but I need to know the no kidding actual manufacturer (IE: NOT OEM or MOPAR or RAM or FCA or STELLANTIS) of the factory supplied OEM/MOPAR 2019 "CS7" Soft Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover for the 5th Gen 1500 Limited 5'7" bed with RAMBOX...
  7. redriderbob

    Mopar ’21 Ram 1500 Special Edition Arrives In Dealer Showrooms!

    Mopar ’21 Ram 1500 Special Edition Arrives In Dealer Showrooms! 250 Units For U.S. & 40 Units For Canada... Back in April, Mopar announced the launch of the performance and accessory brand’s twelfth special edition vehicle – the Mopar ’21 Ram 1500. The new special-edition pickup marks the...
  8. R

    Realistic lift <=2" options (Bilstein vs Mopar)

    Maybe someone can shed some light on this, as I've read over 40 pages of different threads and I think I more confused now, than when I started. My truck is a non-ORP Laramie crew cab. I am on the fence between lifting the truck with the 2" Mopar lift, or going with Bilstein 5100s to get <2" and...
  9. redriderbob

    Mopar Introduces Its New Mopar ’21 Ram 1500 Special Edition:

    Mopar Introduces Its New Mopar ’21 Ram 1500 Special Edition: Package Will Be Available This Summer... The Mopar brand unveiled its next special edition vehicle this morning with the launch of the Mopar ’21 Ram 1500 Special Edition. The new special edition pickup marks the second time that...
  10. L

    Sold!!! - Set of 4 - 22” Limited Wheels/Tires

    I’m selling my factory take off 22” Wheels and Tires. I’m asking 900.00 for the set. I can drive a couple of hundred miles to meet someone if I need to. I can also ship them via Greyhound Bus. They are pretty reasonable for rates. PayPal is excepted, and I’ll cover the PayPal fees. If you want...
  11. redriderbob

    Ram 1500 Mopar Concept Performance Hood Gets Patent Filing:

    Ram 1500 Mopar Concept Performance Hood Gets Patent Filing: We Hope Its Coming To The Aftermarket... https://5thgenrams.com/ram-1500-mopar-concept-performance-hood-gets-patent-filing/
  12. Z

    Help Identifying Mopar Performance Exhaust

    Can anyone please confirm this is a Mopar Performance exhaust for a 5th gen? I found this on marketplace for an okay deal, but its not cheap enough for me to take a gamble on.
  13. DonsRam19

    Install Videos

    Hey guys as many of you already know I've been making install videos of lots of upgrades and modifications for our trucks. I'm always up for suggestions of different parts to install on our trucks so if you have any suggestions please let me know. If you like my videos please subscribe! Thank...
  14. MBORO19RAM

    Katzkin Mopar Leather Upgrade 2019 Bighorn

    Had this installed right after purchasing truck. Not a lot of info out there on it but I do like the feel and fit. Nice upgrade to the Bighorn package.
  15. T

    Trailer brake? for 2019 Ram 3500 DRW Tradesman Chassis body

    Purchased a Mopar trailer brake (Part # 82215278AC) and it fits the truck perfectly, plugs right in. Took it to the dealer and they can’t program it. Dealer says there is no trailer break available for this truck which means there is no programming available. Other than getting an aftermarket...
  16. thabiiighomie

    Best cleaning products for fabric interior?

    I have the black bucket seats that are really grey and am looking for a high quality cleaning product so scrub out some caulk, paint and dirt spots. Have any of you guys used MOPAR concentrate or spray? Any other ideas? I just ordered Carhartt precision fit seat covers. But I want to restore...
  17. R

    Mopar Bug/Air Deflector Rebel install

    While I was at the dealership they had the Mopar bug deflector in stock so I purchased it and added it t the service ticket for installation. It was worth having the dealership install it b/c they had issues with it at first, and I had read about others having issues as well, mainly with the...
  18. J

    FS: Mopar Molded Front and Rear Splash Guards

    All, Selling brand new front and rear splash guards and RAM lettering for RAM 1500. 1. Splash guards for 5th gen members is $60 plus shipping. Will throw in black RAM lettering for FREE!
  19. SexyJustice

    Mopar OEM Hard Folding Tonneau Cover w/ Pictures

    I finally found some time to get my Mopar hard folding tonneau cover installed on my 2019 Laramie Sport 4x4. Although I would have preferred a matte finish the glossy look isn't to bad. I remember someone mentioning that it was a re-branded aftermarket cover being sold as OEM. A buddy of mine...