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mopar lift

  1. 31RamIt

    Wheel/Tire Size with Mopar 2" Lift

    Bought the 2" lift off a member here and looking for wheel and tire setups for those who have the lift. I was considering swapping my Laramie Night 22s for some 20" wheels and 35" tires. Do 35s fit with this lift? Also anyone have 35s on their 22s instead of getting smaller wheels? I love my...
  2. Clyde

    2” Mopar lift w/ ORP springs - pics of ball joint angles

    I’ve poured through threads and have seen a few pics, and many opinions. Seems like there are a few Mopar lift/ORP owners concerned about their ball joint angle... The only picture of the actual ball joint I could find was on a truck (jeffJad’s) that had a higher than normal ride height...
  3. Clyde

    TSB for Mopar 2” lift

    New here posting to the forum, but have gathered much info from it in the past month or two - it’s been a great resource for info. On to my question, for those who have or might know about the updated 2” Mopar lift (77072424AB)... can you physically see the spacers the diagram in the TSB is...
  4. Friends_Ram

    Mopar 2in lift / 4x2

    Does anyone know if the mopar 2in lift is compatible with a 2019 2WD truck, some people say yes and others say no, what’s the difference between the 4x2 and 4x4 suspension. Would I be better going with Motofab 2.5 level ?
  5. 4x4TRUCK

    2020 Ram 1500 Laramie with Mopar Lift and 295/60R20 Nitto Ridge Grapplers on Stock Wheels

    Hey All - I just picked up a new 2020 Ram Laramie last week and had the dealer install a 2" Mopar lift along with some 295/60R20 Nitto Ridge Grapplers onto the factory wheels. I think the truck turned out really cool. The dealer did the speedometer recalibration through Mopar as well so I didn't...
  6. KidCutti

    Anyone know the part # for the ORP springs?

    I can’t get any clear answers from the dealership so any input will help. I have the mopar lift and am considering adding the ORP springs up front because I have read that you will gain 1” of lift. Can anyone confirm this change in ride height and how is your quality? Very curious, hope someone...
  7. 19smokey

    Mopar lift on 2019 bighorn creaking and popping from front end along with upper control arms rubbing on inside of tires

    Truck went into the dealer today after creaking and popping from my front end escalated quickly. We pulled it in garage and saw the upper control arms have been rubbing the inside of tires... waiting to see what they say. Anyone else have this issue. Truck only has 4600k miles and is two months...