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mopar air intake

  1. A

    Intake air box mesh upper liner?

    I’m not even sure how to search this thing, so near with me if it has a name. :) Recently bought a 2020 Rebel 5.7 eTorque. Traded up from a 2014 Jeep GC Overland 5.7, so I’ve been fairly familiar with the Hemi setup. However going through my own service checkup (didn’t trust the nonMopar...
  2. Accessory.Parts

    Mopar Ram Air Intake - 77072428AC

    Brand New, $838.92 Shipped Use Discount Code: MOPARINTAKE https://www.accessory.parts/oem-parts/mopar-cold-air-intake-77072428ac
  3. Cajun_

    Mishimoto catch can with intake

    Does the mishimoto catch can work with the ram airflow and varam? I know it works with the s&b. Trying to decide on an intake.