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loud exhaust

  1. B

    Bolt on no cut exhaust options???

    For all of us that lease our trucks, but still want to enjoy hearing the Hemi eat it for the next 3 years. Is there a no-cut bolt on exhaust option that isn't a full system? I'd like a little more bark when my 22 factor order comes in, but I'd rather not spend the $1k plus on a full Borla etc...
  2. CCBentz3

    Loud exhaust

    Hey all just ran in to an issue this evening. I was stopped at the stop sign and when I pulled away my truck all of a sudden sounded extremely loud. Exhaust sounded at least 10 fold louder like I had custom pipes. Perhaps I’m just micro focused on it but also seemed like had a little less HP and...
  3. Waterfowler41

    Corsa Sport Exhaust - Before and After Sound Clips!!!

    Finished up the installation of my Corsa Sport kit the other day and had the chance to film some sound clips. If you want to see the installation watch the video straight through. If you want to see sound clips, skip to the 22 minute mark. The Rebel sounds like a beast! Next weekend I will...