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  1. J

    Puddle LED Replacement with Logo

    Sup folks, I am wanting to replace my Mirror Puddle Light with one that shows the RAM logo. Has anyone done this? If so, please post link tot product.
  2. J

    2021 Led lights

    Has anyone swapped to LED bulbs for the third brake light/cargo light on a 2021 Ram? I have seen a bunch for 2020 rams but they say it won’t work for the 2021
  3. G

    Haven't seen your ECO light?

    I never saw my ECO light for the first 1,800 miles. I went into the settings and turned it off and then back on. Now it displays consistently when in ECO mode. Now I have a light to go with my bogging noise :)
  4. S

    ZROADZ Light Bar Install Nightmare *But I Like The Lights

    I have more pics but the forum only allows you to attach 10. To see the finished product go to www.ramtruckguy.com 2019 RAM 1500 REBEL ZROADZ LED LIGHT BAR AND WIND DEFLECTOR KIT (Z334721-kit-c) (Z330050C) Full rundown of the purchase and installation process. Executive Summary ZROADZ...
  5. D

    Mopar bed light install without dealer flash

    I bought the mopar factory bedlight kit and have a couple how to videos on how I did it without a dealer flash. Idk if I'm posting this in the wrong place please let me know if I am. Like and subscribe for more videos. Let me know what you think. Hope this helps alot of people...
  6. chino

    Light bar Power Wire

    Hi all, I installed a RC 20 inch light bar inside the bottom grille, install went great and simple, now the wiring harness is somewhat of an issue, the instructions tell you to hook it up to the + and - side of the battery, but i do not want constant power being drawn, the switch turns it off...