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leaking water

  1. J

    Interior Water / Interior Condensation Issue

    Hi all. Any suggestions please Just noticed after going through the car wash at night when temperatures drops the interior is building condensation...a lot! I already had the 3 rd break light replace as was leaking earlier. I know I have leak somewhere but where to begin. So very...
  2. T

    5th Gen Ram Brake Light Leak Into Cab

    I have a 2019 Ram 2500 that has water intrusion into the cab. Last year I noticed the brake lamp above the rear sliding window on the cab had condensation in it. I took it to my local dealership twice and both times they said " There is no water in there now and we cannot repeat the problem so...
  3. J

    Water leaking into cab 2019 Rebel

    Anyone else having an issue with water pouring into the cab through the overhead console when it rains? It does not have a sunroof! I purchased the Rebel less than a month ago & has less than 1000 miles on it. Now I own a 55,000 truck with water damage! See the video below. This was after...