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  1. Hickeyfan96

    Rear window slider cable?

    I have a 2020 ram rebel and had the rear window replaced a couple of times due to a water leak. Anyway, after the glass was replaced a couple of weeks ago I noticed that when you open the rear sliding window, you can see the cable in the window. I’m guessing it’s normal but don’t remember...
  2. thabiiighomie

    Leaking sunroof? Where to look.

    I have a 2019 RAM 1500 Big Horn. Ordered it myself. 28k miles and counting. Parked in a garage at night, but my new work is outdoor parking. I’ve notice mildew smell in my truck. I use it for work so I just decided it must have been work materials the first few times. HOWEVER, I keep a...
  3. J

    2020 Limited 1500 - Bakflip MX4 - Ramboxes - Multi-Function Tailgate - Leaking around side silver rails

    Just like the title says. I just received my Bakflip MX4 yesterday and installed it. Rails slid on easily, everything installed fine. I ran some water over it and water is seeping in the gap between the side of the bed and the silver rails. I search a lot of threads in here about the Bakflip...
  4. J.forteza

    Water leaks!

    Hey all, Seen similar threads in this issue, but the more complaints, the more likely FCA will actually do something about it. My 2019 2500 limited has been plagued by water leaks. First, through the sun roof catching the metal and not sealing properly. That caused water to leak through the...
  5. thabiiighomie

    Leaking fluid from engine bay and wheel well

    I noticed a sizzling and burning smell right after walking away from the truck for the night. Went back and investigated while still hot. Noticed dripping on top of the engine at a wired connection. Also noticed dripping in front passenger wheel well at another wired connection. Thoughts?
  6. J

    Water leaking into cab 2019 Rebel

    Anyone else having an issue with water pouring into the cab through the overhead console when it rains? It does not have a sunroof! I purchased the Rebel less than a month ago & has less than 1000 miles on it. Now I own a 55,000 truck with water damage! See the video below. This was after...