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  1. ADP_120

    2019 Ram 1500 Clicking noise when going in reverse

    Today I discovered a new noise. A clicking noise when going in reverse and the wheel is turned to the right. No pressure was applied to brakes. Almost sounds like the metal clips holding the brake pads during rotation.
  2. A

    Rebel vs. Off Road Package

    I'm looking to turn in my 2019 Bighorn lease early for a new truck. Does anyone know if there is a big difference between the on/off highway ride between a Laramie with the off road package and a Rebel? My head is spinning between these two trucks. Any insight to help me make a decision? Thanks!
  3. nate2404usa

    2020 2500 power running boards problems.

    Well my passenger running board has been acting up a couple days after taking posesion. Called a dealship to schedule to get it addressed. Of course got the we have to duplicate the issue. Told them I got video of it getting stuck on nothing. Told them I will clear my whole day to sit there...
  4. Dontfront82

    Official Flame Red Thread

    This is a thread for the members who own a FLAME RED 5TH GEN RAMS 1500:cool: I will kick it off with mine(y) Hello From TEXAS! POST AWAY. ASK AWAY 2019 Ram 1500 Laramine Sport 4x4 - Hemi 5.7 - 3.5 Rough Country Lift - Tinted Windows 20/5 % - Borla XR1 Exhaust - 35x12.5r22 Thunderer trac grip...
  5. Dontfront82

    Hello 3.5 lift kit specs QUESTION/INFO

    Hello everyone, new here just got my ram last week! Love it so far! Recent Add ons are listed on my profile! :D I have a 2" front leveling kit on the ram at the moment and the truck rides great. Stock tires and wheels. 4x4 I want to go higher, so I wanted to see if you guys with the 3.5 lift...