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interior aux switches

  1. JDGRam19

    2021 Interior Vanity Light Button/Cover

    Does anyone know of a way to repair/repaint/replace with a sticker cover for this overhead interior vanity light button. The paint is coming off on this one button, which never gets used hardly. Very strange, almost like the paint is flaking. Any suggestions on fixing this without replacing the...
  2. dcar777

    Where can I get this switch?

    I am putting my train horns in my new Ram but I want it to be as clean as possible this time. No holes drilled etc. I want the switch that fits this blank to control the horn valve but for the life of me, I can t find it anywhere on line. The Google box has failed me. Do you know where I can...
  3. PP_McPooperson

    Roof Mounted LED Light Bar Install - Ram Rebel 2019 5th gen

    Hey everybody, I wanted to throw together a quick post of my roof mounted LED bar install. Upon researching the internet for help on this subject I was coming up empty so I figured since I just did it, i'll spread the wealth of knowledge! I have previously installed a Rhino Rack Pioneer...
  4. 2019GRamRebel

    Wireless Light Control Panels

    Looking in the market for a Light Control Panel that is controlled wirelessly. Looking to run a LED light bar in the grill and maybe some rear lights. Don't need more than 4 channels. What do you guys have?
  5. M

    CanBus accessory switch

    Help... I have a 2020 Limited 1500. I don’t want to drill or otherwise alter the truck. But I do have a HAM radio license, tow a boat and trailer, have backup lights installed but not wired, etc. I was gifted a CanBus switch, but have no idea if I can integrate it into the truck’s existing...
  6. JJRamTX

    New Software Update - Auxillary Switch feature?

    I just noticed that there is a new menu item in the 12" screen with the last software update. It has a function for setting 4 auxillary switches, and it has power options and type to set..... Anyone configured these yet or know the scoop on the details?
  7. AnthroMoto

    Center Console Toggle Switches

    Without the air suspension, there is a blank-off plate that covers the switch location closest to the driver. Has anyone found an aftermarket switch that matches the others and would go in that location? I am interested in putting in a switch to control additional lighting like the Dual 6-inch...