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  1. G

    2019 Ram 1500 Classic Hemi Big Horn Emblem Placement

    Hi guys I was looking for some help on this one. My truck is missing all the side and tail gate emblems(except for the middle one on the tail gate. Could anyone point me in the direction of a diagram that has measurements for the emblem placements or would anyone be willing to take some...
  2. Limbo

    Weird sound when driving at 1100-2200rpm

    It is really hard to describe the sound. Please check the video. For the noise, you might have to turn up the volume to hear it. Mainly the noise are heard when eco mode is on. What can this be? Please share your opinion. It’s a hemi 2022 ram 1500 with 25000miles. Went to the dealer and they...
  3. A

    2016 5.7 alternator

    Im trying to figure out what alternator is on my 1500 express 5.7
  4. Bubbles8v92

    Hole in Block from corrosion.

    2019 1500 Longhorn 70,000 miles 🇨🇦, noticed a water leak, found the top of the oil filter housing (which is literally part of the Block) has a hole rotted into it right below the sensor. Patched it up with jb weld. I did some swearing at first but no leaks yet. Has anyone else had this problem?
  5. cmejatt

    Direct muffler replacement

    So I’m torn on which muffler replacement to get Figure I would ask on this forum for some help. 1. Carven CR1012 2. B2 Fabrication Round Muffler 3. Flowmaster Outlaw 3” 4. Solo Performance MR Any other I’m missing from list? Which one y’all recommend? I’m not ready to do a full Catback yet. I...
  6. BryanFC2

    My 22 Big Horn :)

    It ain’t much but it’s mine!! My first Ram, The Hemi and the Alpine sound system blow me away!
  7. redriderbob

    WATCH: This 392 HEMI-Swapped 5thGen Ram Tears Up The Dragstrip

    WATCH: This 392 HEMI-Swapped 5thGen Ram Tears Up The Dragstrip This Hydro Blue Quad Cab Is A Sleeper... A few weeks ago, videos surfaced of a Hydro Blue 2021 Ram 1500 Quad Cab running deep into the 11’s at the drag strip. Thanks to the video above on Incredible Hemi’s YouTube Channel we know...
  8. C

    My heated seats only have high or low

    Heated seat problem they have low med high And it’s not going to medium ?
  9. redriderbob

    Ram Will Send The New 2023 Ram 1500 ‘Built To Serve’ EMS Edition To Canada Too!

    Ram Will Send The New 2023 Ram 1500 ‘Built To Serve’ EMS Edition To Canada Too! New Emergency Medical Services Model Will Start At $65,335 CAD... Ram Canada has announced that the second installment of its ‘Built To Serve’ first-responder series will also be reaching the “Great White North”...
  10. redriderbob

    DEEP IN THE HEART OF TEXAS: Meet The 2023 Ram 2500 Rebel Crew Cab 4×4:

    DEEP IN THE HEART OF TEXAS: Meet The 2023 Ram 2500 Rebel Crew Cab 4×4: Power Wagon Looks, HEMI or Cummins Power, And More Capability... Ram Trucks has officially pulled back the covers of its new Rebel package for the 2023 Ram 2500 at this year’s State Fair of Texas. The new model expands the...
  11. J

    Engine knocking noise

    I am concerned about a engine noise that has become very evident in the last year. I have taken it into the dealership multiple times have been told that it is typical of the hemi and the conditionis normal. However I previously owned a 2013 hemi which was no where close to being this noisy...
  12. C

    3:21 vs 3.92

    Hi I’m just wondering what’s better about the 3.92 gears over the 3:21 I’m towing a 24ft travel trailer has it been done with the 3:21 gears before
  13. C

    windshield is getting wet and wind noise

    hi i have been getting water on the inside of my windshield in the (winter) months and really loud wind noises at high speeds or high winds i had my windshield replaced is there a chance it was not installed or sealed correctly? or what else could be causing these problems
  14. RandyMarionCDJR

    Death of the V8 & birth of a.... Inline 6?

    I have seen so much about this upcoming engine. My main wonder isn't will it be a good motor, and make for a long lasting vehicle. I just want to know, how is the community going to receive/is receiving the death of the v8? What do you think about the future of CDJR products with this being the...
  15. suln

    Front and Rear sway bars comparison

    I have a stock 2022 4x2 Hemi I want to put front and rear sway bars on. How do I go about purchasing the Roadmaster bar? Do i purchase a 2500 kit? Also, im tryin to get a comparison of Front and rear kit from Hellwig and front and rear Roadmaster? Anyone with input is appreciated!
  16. RebeliousRam

    Air conditioning confirmed from tech that it sucks and there’s no work around.

    Hey all, I know its been talked about throughout various forums and threads. But who else has been having issues with their 5th Gen’s AC?? I’ve taken mine in twice now (2020 Ram Rebel) first time was the system not cool enough on max settings during the hotter months here in Sacramento. Second...
  17. Tophert08

    Need Help.Multiple Fuel injector failure

    Tried searching couldn’t find the info I need. Just bought a used 19 big Horn 5.7 with 25xxx miles (my first mopar) had a slightly rough idle since I bought it figured it was normal. Previous truck was a 6.2L GMC Sierra Denali that required premium fuel so I always run 91/93 premium as a habit...
  18. C

    5th gen ram truck cover? Cats keep climbing on

    Hi so my neibors cat likes to climb all over my truck and the roof I’m not happy with it will my paint get destroyed from this and how can I keep these dirty paws off my baby? Any ideas and is there a truck cover available for when I’m not driving it
  19. D

    Detailing engine

    This engine clean kit works amazing - brake cleaner 1:1 mix, meguiars 4:1
  20. H

    VIN decode doesnt match truck

    Hi all, just bought my first RAM. It is a 2020 Ram 1500 Laramie. I was trying to figure out if I had a quad or crew cab by decoding my VIN. It is a quad cab :) However, it says I have the 3.6L V6, under the hood is a 5.7L HEMI V8, hood says same. Any thoughts on why the difference? Is there a...