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  1. G


    21‘ Ram 1500 Limited. Right headlight has two ‘’Strip-lights’’ above and below the main headlight lamps. They are not working. Any ideas?
  2. Shifts And Grins Fab

    New 5th Gen Ram 1500 Products

    Ok. Here is the products we mentioned last night. Announcement went out on IG and Facebook this morning. The new products are as follows with links: 1) New reverse light kit for those not running our TRX tow hook brackets...
  3. R

    Driver's side lower halo is out on 2019 Limited

    My 2019 Limited lower halo on driver's side is out. At first it was not coming on when I start the truck in the morning, but after a while it was turning on on it's own. Now it is off all the time. I took the truck it to the dealer, they ask for $1700 to replace the entire headlight. Not fully...
  4. U

    Recon headlights underwhelming

    Anyone else install the lights and found them to be "meh", at best? I mean, they look good but the light output stinks; honestly I'm not too impressed by them. The LED's are barely better than the stock halogen. Even had LED bulbs in my stock halogen housings for a bit and that light output was...
  5. P

    Installed alpha Rex led headlights and have 2 questions

    First off, American trucks website install video did not mention that I was supposed to remove and attach the lower headlight bracket to the new headlights (pic for reference). Now I think this is only used for the trim piece to snap on to and when I tested the trim it all seems to be very snug...
  6. A


    Hey guys! If you have an aftermarket headlight setup, post a pic in the thread if you don’t mind! I’m looking into options to see what looks good! Thanks in advance!
  7. Zackb347

    Recon LED Projector Headlights

    Been on the fence about replacing the factory halogens. Couldn't decide between the mopar led kit from infotainment or the Recon LED's. Both are around a $1500 price point. I saw Recon had the Chrome LED versions with a 50% off coupon earlier this week so I saw that as a sign lol I was only able...
  8. qhayes87

    LED headlight and fog lights

    Hello fellow 5th gen owners, I was thinking about upgrading my lights to led and was wondering if anyone could recommend the most cost effective way of doing this. I did see a lot of different bulbs on Amazon but don’t wanna venture down the road of always having issues. Is it possible to do...
  9. V

    DRL for LED/halogen bulb switch-out

    I currently have the Halogen bulbs as my headlights and I am looking to upgrade them to LED. I'm curious to see what ideas you have so i'm not using my new LED bulbs as a DRL. I don't want my new LED bulbs to have a shorter life span due to getting too hot running all day in the Florida heat as...
  10. Ziggyrz07

    DIY led oem swap Front and rear

    I went on eBay and waited to find quality prices for the tail lights and head lights I think I’m 1100 in the set. Then 170 to retro shop for the adapters for the front head lights. Front swap can be done in 1-2 hours and rear in 20 minutes or so. to remove front fascia you’ll want to use...
  11. Dave peterson

    Dim Halogen Lights? there is a fix!!!!

    http://lddy.no/c23y Here is my link to the solution. I have changed out all the interior bulbs and the low beams and backup lights are on the way. High beams are next.
  12. Brobee

    Headlight adjustment after leveling poll

    I am curious about this, and have seen very minimal answers scattered across a few threads. I'm strictly looking for 2" levelers out there (not the 2.5 levels or even a 2" lift).
  13. V

    Led vs Dynamic Bi Led headlights?

    Hey guys new to the forum here (recently a Ford guy), I'm in the process of ordering a 2019 Ram 1500 and saw the two headlight choices on the laramie and the longhorn/limited. Anyone have experience with both? Since they are both full leds are there any differences besides the ability to turn...