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ham radio

  1. TheLegend

    Best Two-Way Radio / Setup

    What 2-way radios are you all using and whether it’s CB, GMRS, HAM, etc..? Would like to see people’s opinions on the different options and brands out there like it’s pros & cons. Also, where are you placing them pics, mounts, and wiring are all welcome. Was leaning myself to a GMRS setup but...
  2. R

    Getting Through Firewall Of 2019 Ram 1500 - How do you run a power wire from the battery through the firewall and into the cab of a 2019 Ram 1500?

    Hello, I have a general question about getting through the firewall of a 2019 Ram 1500 Longhorn, Hemi, NO E-torque. I have a HAM radio (as in a 2-way radio, CB, etc) that I want to wire directly to the battery. The radio needs 20 amps (it would work with 15 amps but I was told I should go...