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grinding while turning

  1. C

    2021 Bighorn 1500 - Rolling Grinding Noise and Slight Whining While Turning

    I've noticed a terrible rolling grind + whining noise when I'm turning the truck (more so to the right) at low speeds. Has anyone else had this issue? I've seen forums about the 2019 rack and pinon issues.. but nothing regarding 2021 models. Video attached in the link below, turn the volume all...
  2. J

    Grinding Noise coming from underneath the truck during turns? Heeeeeaaaaalp!

    2019 1500 Big Horn 4x4, 33K miles. So I bought the truck three months ago and a couple days after I bought it, I noticed a grinding noise that happens sporadically whenever I turn. It doesn't seem to matter what direction, or if I'm in reverse or drive, but it seems to happen most often after...
  3. A

    Grinding noise at low speed while turning, parking speeds.

    I've noticed a grinding noise when I'm turning primarily left but it will also make it while turning right. The brakes aren't applied, it's more like when you're coasting while turning into your driveway or a parking spot. Can feel and hear it inside cab, floor, a d steering wheel. It seems to...