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  1. 1500Bear

    No Electrical / Loose BUS Bar Nut

    I've got a 2019 RAM 1500 DT Big Horn and twice since I've owned the truck (45k miles) the nut on the N01 fuse / BUS bar under the external power distribution plastic case (pics attached) came loose, and I had no/zero/absolutely nothing in terms of electrical. The first time it gave me a devil...
  2. T

    No tail lights on my 2021 RAM

    Hey all! Was wondering if anyone could lend some advice and or knowledge for my situation I’ll explain. so I have a 2021 RAM I use for work, purchased in august and had it upfitted for just an 8 foot flat bed as I haul a goose neck trailer it fitted my needs. Everything worked fine I decided...
  3. B

    2021 Ram Rebel Issues! Did I purchase a lemon.

    Hey guys, So bought the truck June 18th and it’s been in the shop now twice to fix the ABS and service auto start/stop messages. Each time in the shop they replaced a 30A fuse but this last time they replaced my fuel pump. The last time it was in the shop was Tuesday July 6th, to get pump...