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  1. Detroitmikeb

    Anyone wanna help me with this mystery?

    OK I will try to make this detailed but short. My truck has 5,000 miles on it. No issues at all. 20’ wheels 275/55/20 tires. Suspension wise it was all stock and I added a hellwig sway bar and ran it on the middle setting for a while but didn’t drive much. I saw some people use CORE 4X4 end...
  2. fillepille

    New wheels for my Rebel, Will it fit? 😄

    Hey! my first post here.. I just bought a 2019 RAM Rebel with air suspension. I have bought new wheels, Fuel Rebel 20x10 325/60r20 🛞 My question is will they fit my car without any modifications? The dealer says they should fit, but some say the car needs to be lifted . what do you think?
  3. redriderbob

    RECALL: 60,413 Units Of EcoDiesel Models For Possible High-Pressure Fuel Pump Failure!

    RECALL: 60,413 Units Of EcoDiesel Models For Possible High-Pressure Fuel Pump Failure! Includes Ram 1500, Jeep Wrangler, & Gladiator Models... Stellantis (FCA US, LLC) has announced a safety recall on certain 2020 to 2022 model year Ram 1500 (DT), Jeep® Wrangler (JL), and Jeep Gladiator (JT)...
  4. Nstewart18

    Jerry Can fill issues

    I’m curious if anyone else has encountered this issue and has a good recommendation for fuel spouts: I have 3 gal rotopax fuel cans with the epa designed locking fill spout. I have had to use it a couple times while out in the bush and realized since the 5th gen ram (and a number of other cars...
  5. Tophert08

    Need Help.Multiple Fuel injector failure

    Tried searching couldn’t find the info I need. Just bought a used 19 big Horn 5.7 with 25xxx miles (my first mopar) had a slightly rough idle since I bought it figured it was normal. Previous truck was a 6.2L GMC Sierra Denali that required premium fuel so I always run 91/93 premium as a habit...
  6. AndrewGS

    22" Fuel Forged on Stock Air Suspension

    I thought I'd share my wheels. They are Fuel Forged FF104 in 22x10 with an offset of -18 riding on 305/45R22 Toyo Open Country A/T III tires. No level is required with air suspension at any ride level. Rubbing is almost non-existent, just a kiss from the tread at full lock left in reverse.
  7. P

    Re-fueling issues on 2021 RAM 1500 limited

    Bought my first RAM truck at the end of December and since then I have gone to the pump 4 times. The first tank was filled by the dealer. Next time i went to Costco and filled premium. After fueling the truck won't start in one go. Second time, it cranked for about 15 seconds and then started...
  8. Villegmi


    I recently installed a 3.5” leveling kit and put Fuel Vapors on 35x12.5R20 on the truck. The tires fit but a little before full lock there seems to be a little rubbing. Is there a fix for this besides going to a larger lift? Will spacers help? Sorry for the bother, new to this...Thanks in advance
  9. M

    33 gal fuel tank p/n's for 2019 rebels

    https://www.mymoparpart.com/a/Ram_2019_1500-Rebel-Extended-Cab-57L-HEMI-V8/_82946_7551013/Fuel-Tank/i2381959.html https://www.mymoparpart.com/a/Ram_2019_1500-REBEL-Crew-Cab-57L-HEMI-V8/_82946_7551013/Fuel-Tank/i2381959.html
  10. F

    New wheels and tires help

    Hello all, I am currently researching new wheels and tires, along with a lift kit. I am interested in Fuel Podium 18x9 -12 with Toyo M/T 35x12.5 tires. I was wondering if anyone has any input as to the lift kit, should I go with the readylift 3.5 in or the 2 in with UCA. If anyone could shed...
  11. T

    Slow fuel fill

    2019 Ram 1500 Crew Cab 4WD. I have a couple of issues, all surrounding the fuel system. When at the fuel station, the truck takes fuel extremely slowly, in addition the fuel hose does not auto shut off and constantly overflows. After when I believe the tank is full, and the fuel gauge shows...
  12. kjn86

    Standard Fuel Tank Size for Rebel

    I have the 5.7L w/etorque crew cab. I am finding conflicting info as to the fuel tank size. Sometimes it says 23 gallons, but more often it says 26 gallons. I am about to go all the way to the bottom with a fuel can in the truck to figure it out myself, but I would prefer not to have to do this...
  13. P

    What wheel offset do I need?

    Hello, I just got a 2019 Ram 1500 lamarie and was wondering what offset I could use without causing issues (leveling kit with 285/65/r20 tires) These are the tires I want; https://www.carid.com/fuel-wheels/d598-diesel-1pc-gloss-black-milled-accents-308938122.html CarID says that I should use...