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ecodiesel 2020

  1. Jaxx252

    2020 ecodiesel oil consumption

    Hi everyone, First time posting on here. I'm putting up this post as my truck is now in the shop for what was thought to be a seized engine at first. The dealership has pulled all 6 injectors and found the engine to be hydrolocked and down 2 liters of oil all of which ended up in the PCV valve...
  2. G

    Ranch Hand Fitment

    Hi all. Been looking at putting a cattle catcher on and really like how the Ranch Hand Summit looks on the 5th gens. Currently have a 2019 5.7 but potentially might move into a 2020 Eco Diesel. On Ranch Hands website it says that the bumpers don’t fit the Eco Diesels. Does anyone know why they...
  3. C

    What is the best product to use to cleaner leather interior

    I recently bought a 2020 eco diesel Laramie Longhorn. It has the light mountain interior. What is the best process to cleaning (detailing the interior)? It’s not dirty just has a little dust.