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diode dynamics

  1. Shifts And Grins Fab

    Ditch Light Brackets Shifts and Grins Fabrication

    Our Ditch Light Brackets have been test fit on 5th gen Ram 1500s and we are super excited with how they turned out. We placed a massive order from our laser cutter to get these parts in ASAP to finish them out and powder coat them. We are accepting preorders on our webpage now. We are thing...
  2. S

    PSA - Diode Dynamics hacked

    Hey all!! Just a quick PSA, I received an email from Diode Dynamics this morning regarding a security breach. I had placed an order several months ago and last week my credit card was used for a fraudulent purchase. I have alerting setup, so only 1 purchase was made before freezing my card. If...
  3. peeceejay

    Diode Dynamics LED bed light bulbs

    This one was a REALLY simple upgrade. I bought the bulbs from Diode Dynamics, which was not the cheapest option - I know there are Amazon vendors for much less money - but these seem to be the nicest, brightest, and most reliable options out there. They also arrived really quickly. Incredibly...