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  1. 2020Backout

    2020 Ram Diesel- No Traction Control Button

    So I ordered the infotainment 12 inch screen for my truck about a year ago. Apparently they sent me the “gas vehicle” head unit, which does not have the traction control button. They want another 2k for the correct screen. Aside from dealing with them, is there a way to disable traction control...
  2. R

    Muffler delete with DEF

    I own a 3.0L EcoDiesel, first diesel i’ve ever owned. I want to do some exhaust modifications but i am not getting a DEF delete done to the truck. Im wondering if it’s possible to do a straight pipe or muffler delete while still having a DEF system? Stupid question but I have 0 knowledge when it...
  3. djevox

    ANC removed for 2022 Alpine system?

    I just put a sub and amp in my 2022 Laramie with the nine speaker alpine system. I noticed that I only have two microphones in the headliner, but according to every wiring diagram I can find on the Alpine system, I should have ANC. Does anybody know if the microphone locations moved for 2022...
  4. JB_Redig

    2020 Dodge Ram 3500 upgrades

    New to the group, not new to dodge. Traded in my 2015 2500 & bought a 2020 3500 and wanted to see if anyone out there has some good suggestions for increasing power. Chip, exhaust, etc. Any links or other info on upgrades to increase acceleration and pulling power. Thanks.
  5. Dave_Drums

    Installed Rough Country 5” for Air

    Had my 2020 Limited EcoDiesel lifted 5” with the Rough Country lift for Air suspension a few weeks ago. Paired it with the stock 22” from the black appearance package and 35x12.50x22 Milestar Patagonia MT tires. Must say I love it. Rides like stock, slightly tougher due to more aggressive tires...
  6. Brianziggy64

    How many are passing on 2019 deals for the new 2020 diesel option?

    Just curious how many of you are passing on the 2019 deals to buy the new 2020 Diesel version? I am contemplating both options of the 2019 Limited with the 5.7 Hemi w/eTorque or the 2020 Limited with the Diesel. I really like the thoughts of 32-33+ mpg. But I’ve never had a Diesel and unsure of...
  7. P

    What wheel offset do I need?

    Hello, I just got a 2019 Ram 1500 lamarie and was wondering what offset I could use without causing issues (leveling kit with 285/65/r20 tires) These are the tires I want; https://www.carid.com/fuel-wheels/d598-diesel-1pc-gloss-black-milled-accents-308938122.html CarID says that I should use...