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delmonico red

  1. YoTwisted

    Delmonico red vinyl color match

    Has anyone found a vinyl wrap that is close to matching the delmonico red ram
  2. H

    Trade Hoods and or Grill?

    Hey, Just bought a Delmonico Red 1500 limited, looking to trade for the same color Rebel hood? Or the black Rebel Grill. If your interested please let me know! I’m in Dallas Texas and open to driving anywhere within 6 hours. I have the chrome grill.
  3. RJ42

    Delmonico Red with Metallic Black two tone

    Went from chrome package to two tone. Used a vinyl wrap. Matches the wheel insert color.
  4. C

    New to Ram, but not new to Mopar

    Howdy everyone! I've been lurking for about a week but thought it'd be fun to go ahead and throw up a new member post! Last week I traded in my 2014 Camaro SS for a 2020 Ram Bighorn 5'7'' 4x4 Delmonico Red (5.7 Hemi w/ eTorque) and though I've only put on about 300 miles on it, I'm loving...
  5. Gmoosevt

    2019 Vermont Edition

    When the new Ram came out, I immediately sought to buy a Big Horn or Rebel - in Delmonico Red with the advanced safety features, 12" screen, 3.21 rear, and a night package (something not chromed-up, but with most internal comforts). A Rebel looked good to me, but they were not available in...
  6. Red_Fox_34695

    2nd Ram in a row

    New to the forum from south Florida. Traded in a 2016 Laramie Longhorn on Father’s Day weekend for a red 2019 Ram 1500 Limited. About to hit 1.500 miles and can’t get over how delighted I am with the new Ram. The interior is first class, the ride is phenomenal, the technology interface is...
  7. T

    Limited in Pearl Red with Light frost/Indigo Blue interior

    It seems like a long wait but not that bad. Ordered early May delivered 4th July! Can't get over the amount of technology in this truck - keep finding new things, just like Christmas. Loving the space (I'm 6'3"). The colour combination is spectacular. Sound system rocks! 400km (250miles)...
  8. brotharon

    New Ram in Houston Tx Area

    Just picked up a 2019 Ram Rebel Crew Cab. Love the air suspension and the 12" infotainment screen. I looked at a lot of trucks over the last few months and couldnt find anything else that offered as much as the Ram. When I found one that I was able to get for $23,000 off MSRP I had to jump on...
  9. J

    Color Matching the Hood Emblem Lettering

    So, to start off, let me explain why I did it. I purchased the Reflective Concepts stickers for the front emblems, and they didnt have the color to match the Delmonico Red of my truck so I ordered red and thought the worst case scenario, It looks like garbage. To no surprise to me the bright red...