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center console

  1. K

    Adding Rear Console USBs

    There was a thread on here a while back about adding the OEM rear console USBs and 115v outlet to trucks that currently don't have it. I saw some good options on the thread, but a lot of people decided to just make their own rather than go about the OEM way due to price. I ended up finding a...
  2. A

    10th anniversary edition center console badge

    Hey, I bought a 2022 ram 1500 limited with the 10th anniversary package. I bought it online without ever seeing it. I am pretty happy with it but one thing that is driving me crazy is that the "Limited 10th Anniversary" badge in the middle of the center console is plastic. In the pictures it...
  3. cbelveal

    2021 ram 2500 Laramie Center console swap

    Just purchased a brand new 2021 ram 2500 Laramie with a center jump seat. Looking to trade or buy a center console for my truck and perform a conversion. Let me know what you guys have
  4. R

    2017 Ram 1500 Bench Seat for trade Center Console

    My dad purchased a 2017 laramie 1500 the other day. it’s Has the 40/20/40 Front. He would prefer the full center console as none of us kids live at home anymore. Would anyone be interested in trading their center console setup for a 20 bench seat? I can have him take pictures for me. it is in...
  5. T

    Center console leather/vinyl damage repair

    I'm not entirely sure what happened here but does anyone know of some product I can use to touch up the color so it's not an eyesore and protect the rest of the console?