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  1. 1500Bear

    5th Gen fuel door

    Has anyone else had issues with their fuel door catching / securing properly? I'm referring to the press-to-open, press-to-close body-paint-matched swing door that covers the fuel port for gasoline model trucks (1500 V8 Big Horn in my case). It pops open 100% of the time as expected, but it can...
  2. shodeadman

    Body Lift Kits

    Anybody Install a Body Kit lift of around 2-3 inch for the front and rear. and have pictures and install instruction. I don't want to do a suspension lift. I have been toying with pulling the trigger on PERFORMANCE ACCESSORIES PA60402 https://www.suspensionconnection.com/60402-ram-1500.html or...
  3. khunterj2r2

    Truck Cover for the whole body?

    I'm deploying soon and I want to know if anyone found a good truck cover, that they used and trust?