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  1. S

    Can’t clear ABS Light, Traction Control, Check Engine Lights

    I have a 2021 Ram 1500 Limited Longhorn eTorque, and when I changed the battery recently I got lights for ABS, Traction Control and Check Engine. I owned a 2019 1500 and I’ve seen the lights same lights come on after a battery replacement but they would clear shortly after. With the 2021...
  2. A

    Abs vacuum hissing noise

    I have a 21 1500 5.7 non etorque. It drives and brakes fine but each time I have the brake pedal pushed in and then release I hear a very noticeable loud hissing from the vacuum pump for a few seconds after lifting off the brake pedal, I hear it each time I let off the pedal. No lights on the...
  3. E

    Passenger side brake line

    Hey all, Search didn't yield any results so I'm hoping someone can chime in here for me... I have a 2021 Ram 1500 Laramie and today while driving back home I encountered one of those transitions in the pavement where it goes from "new" asphalt to the stuff that is being repaired. So not a hard...
  4. R

    Park & Traction Light On?

    Hi, New here and just want to know if anyone has had this issue? My Traction & Patk Brake Light are coming on every time I drive now. Just came on outta the blue, no changes to anything. Still have cruise control too. Any help much appreciated. 11 Ram 1500 4.7l ST 4WD Quad Cab 89k
  5. Bsteiner36

    ABS, 4WD, Traction control and FCW failure

    Anyone else seeing this issue? I am hoping that it is related to the current recall. These 4 issues started popping up recently without any warning. I didn't notice any issues while driving but I fear something might give out. I saw some post about people having their power steering going...