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6" lift

  1. W

    Please post your setup with 35” tires and 24” rims

    Hey guys I’m new here. I bought my 2019 Ram 1500 Laramie about a year ago, and starting to dabble in some customization. Im really considering getting a 6” rough country lift with chrome 24” snowflake replica rims and 35” tires. Would love to see if anyone has anything similar on here that I can...
  2. NoOtherHobby

    Question about 37s vs 35s

    Hey all, I'm in process of planning a build for the summer on my 2020 Rebel 5.7etorque. Looking closely at the 6" lifts from both BDS (fox coils) and RC (vertex coils). As part of the planning process, I've been looking at wheel/tire combos to go with the lift and had a general question about...
  3. SKT Customs

    Everything you want to know about 37s

    I figured I’d make this post to help out anybody considering running 37 inch tires. Here’s answers to some of the questions I had before I bit the bullet and did it. I had a 4” BDS lift and 35” Toyo RTs and I recently added Bilstein 5100s set at level 5 (1.7 inches) so I could fit 37s. My 4” kit...
  4. ABEZ20K

    Another BodyArmor 4x4 Ambush series bumper on BTS

    Hi. Just wanted to show off my new off-road bumper setup. I was looking for something reasonably priced and that still looked good. I considered the ADD stealth but found it hard to justify $2200+ when this similarly styled bumper was going for around $700. So I went with the BA4x4 ambush. It...
  5. Ram1992

    6" Lift Kit. Why you chose that brand?

    Good Evening, I'm looking at lifting my Ram after having a leveling kit installed. I am unhappy with the results. I have reached out to my local off road shop and they recommend the BDS kit. What 6" lift kits do y'all recommend and why? I've really considering rough country mainly due to price...
  6. C

    6" Pro Comp Lift on 37's

    I just got my truck back yesterday from having the 6" Pro Comp lift installed. 2019 Laramie 5.7 4x4. I've been on the fence since I bought the truck last June about lifting it, but Imelda pushed me over the edge. I love the way it looks and the ride quality was better than I thought. No...