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  1. N

    Bilstein 6112 clip position moderate level

    My apologies if I didn't search it well enough, but everyone that goes the level/tires route seems to take it to the max. Has anyone done anything more moderate with the bilstein 6112 leveling kit? I'd like to be barely level, maybe even a tiny bit of rake. 2021 Big Horn, no ORP, 20"s. Clip...
  2. ryantcantu

    Has anyone leveled a 2WD with 5100s?

    Dug through every thread on here and can’t seem to find anyone that’s leveled a 2WD with the Bilsteins. If you have and you’re satisfied with the stance, I’d love to hear what setting you used as mine go on tomorrow. I preemptively set my circlip to setting #7 since in my measurements, my truck...
  3. T

    Bilstein 5100 Availability DFW Metroplex? Installer Recomendation?

    Sorry if this is not the correct area to post. Does anyone know of a good installer/dealer with Bilstein 5100's in stock in the DFW Metroplex? I am looking to level my 5th gen and get some new shoes, but everywhere I call is either trying to sell me on a pre-load spacer or cant get Bilstein's...
  4. VanIsland

    19’ 1500 Bighorn ORP - Bilsteins B8 5100

    Hey guys, I recently purchased a 2019 Ram 1500 Bighorn ORP on 18’s and took it hunting for the first time. Right away I found the front end of the truck to be to low to clear even small obstacles (deactivations, small rocks) and am looking to gain some height. I have been pouring over the...
  5. Pandyman

    Installed bilstein 5100 with rough country forged uca

    Just putting this out there for those who maybe wondering like I was just before I decided to do it. First of all the rough country forged uca are a lot nicer than I expected for a rough country product. I have never been a big fan of them at all and have avoided them in any project I have done...
  6. O

    5100 Ride Quality

    Just installed the Billstein 5100 at level 5 on my RAM. Ride quality is very stiff and definitely not as good as it was stock. Has anyone felt this and do they break in with time?
  7. O

    Billstein 5100 and warranty

    Wondering if installing the 5100s will void my warranty? Also, will I need to add shocks to the rear with this upgrade?