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2021 rebel

  1. Jonathange

    2021 ram Rebel heads up display

    When I go to heads up display HUD then to custom set up on my ram 12 inch display screen - Anytime I try to set drive park reverse in the set up it will not show up on the windshield (HUD)but everything else does does. Does anybody know why this is happening all others selected works ?do I need...
  2. Guysramrebel

    Should I do this?

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to start off saying you’ve heard this before, but I love the ram community and support so much that I have to ask this. So a little less then two months ago I traded my payed off 2015 V6 mustang for a 2021 ram rebel and though I miss the mustang I love the ram rebel...
  3. Josh Roberts

    2021 Rebel 5.7 awd in 2wd mode?

    I have an interesting one, my dad and I took the rebel to the snow and we were playing around getting sideways and kickin snow, however we figured out that when we put it in 2wd the front still gets power? can someone explain how this could be? No we do not have 4wd auto button, only 4wd high...