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2019 ram

  1. K

    6.4 to 5.7 intakes

    I was looking into switching my stock intake manifold on a 2019 ram 1500 to a 6.4 as recommended from several people to gain hp/tq & 1/4 time. My question about it is, is there a 6.4 intake manifold that will bolt to a 2019 5.7 that has a "top" flow air intake rather the the angled 6.4 intakes I...
  2. C

    Body mount installed wrong? Need help

    Hello everyone, recently purchased a 2019 Ram 1500 with 20k miles. I have been having an issue with a clunk and vibration in the cab. I was looking at the body mounts in the rear and the passenger side appears to be different from the driver side. It appears the driver side body mount is missing...
  3. C

    Loading Navigation issue...

    Hi!, I have a Laramie Long Horn with nav 8.4. Everything was working excellent during 4 months. I take the truck to a window tint shop and after that the nav shows “Loading Navigation” and never load... Any advice ? Thanks in advance !
  4. B

    Footwell lighting in Ram 1500 sport bighorn.

    Questions about the lighting In my Ram Bighorn. I have footwell lighting on both driver and passenger side but they only come on when I open the door. Is it possible to have them on while you are driving at night?
  5. cchella24

    Project Laramie

    Had this idea for some time since I purchased the truck. "Why not create a sleeper." Near stock shell with hellcat hemi underneath (and ofcourse upgraded shocks, struts, transmission, etc etc). Hence Project Laramie spawned. Probably crazy but I wouldnt be surprised if its already been done...