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    Dash cams?

    I went with the BlackVue DR590W-2CH.
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    Elon Musk calls Ram “puny”

    We have our answer now. The Cybertruck (which looks like an El Camino designed by someone enamored with the design aesthetic of the F-117 but preferring the color scheme of a DeLorean) will be rated at 7500/10,000/14,000 lbs depending on the configuration. Techcrunch article: Behold, the Tesla...
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    uconnect market app??

    You should have it, though my experience (8.4 NAV) is that it's only available when you have a cellular signal. It can take a little while after turning on the truck before the icon shows up.
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    Music On USB Ports

    Me too. It's not documented anywhere that I could find so sussing it out is a matter of time-consuming trial and error. I was far more interested in all my music being available than working out the specific limit. I also had a mix of file types and wasn't sure which ones the system supported...
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    Music On USB Ports

    Don't do this! The UConnect system has a limit to the number of folders it can read. It's easy to exceed the limit with an ARTIST/ALBUM/TRACK structure. Even ARTIST/ALBUM-TRACK didn't work for me. The drive will work but you won't be able to see/play all of the tracks. From what I've read on the...
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    Ram Rebel wheels for sale $400 or trade

    $400 for the whole set? Great price! I'm interested, though I'm in IA so shipping would be necessary. I'm assuming the TPMS sensors have been removed. It looks like there's a bit of scuffing on the pictured wheel; can you post pics of the others?
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    UConnect Issues/Questions

    You aren't missing anything. I can set and manage favorites (8.4 NAV) but the notification is basically "one of your favorites is on air now" without any indication of which artist/song and no shortcut for switching channels. You have to go through the menus to get to favorites, pull up the list...
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    Any way to browse large music volumes on the 12" uConnect?

    There should be options to browse by artist, album, or song. If you pick songs (i.e. everything) there should be a bit of text that says something like "track 1 of 1234."
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    Any way to browse large music volumes on the 12" uConnect?

    And it sees all 8000 files? Interesting; must be a difference between the 12 and the 8.4 NAV.
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    Any way to browse large music volumes on the 12" uConnect?

    Well, sometimes... The UConnect software has an undocumented limit on the number of folders it supports. I'm not sure what that limit is but it's pretty low. If you organize your music as <artist>/<album>/<track> you'll have problems with missing songs. I had better luck with <artist>/<album> -...
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    Driver's Side Door handle lock Doesn't work intermittently

    In my experience if I shut the door and press the button immediately the truck doesn't lock. (There's a clicking sound and the lights flash, I think, but the button stays up and the truck remains unlocked.) If I wait for about a second before pressing the button it locks. My interpretation is...
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    Cheaper way to play hifi sound...

    What are you trying to accomplish? If you're trying to avoid using the truck's DAC the aux input is the only way I know of because it's the only analog input I'm aware of. I doubt there are any unused ones hiding behind the head unit. Depending on the player you could connect it via USB — that...
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    Great traction in bad weather

    It doesn't take much to spin the tires with the 3.92 rear end. Mine tend to slip a bit (triggering the ASD) when starting from a stop on wet roads, particularly shortly after it starts raining; i.e. before it's rained long/hard enough to wash the dirt, oil, etc. off the road. I suspect that I...
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    Fuel Economy Screen

    One shows an instantaneous MPG readout; the other doesn't.
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    Gas tank drilled

    That's pretty common. Cost of theft <<< cost of medical treatment/lawsuit. That's not just in case the employee gets injured, either; they could be held liable if the employee beat the hell out of the thief. The employees aren't trained for that, it's not in their job duties, and $10/hr (or...