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    Auto collision braking v. Deer! It works!

    It's not clear to me whether braking was applied by the FCWS (forward collision warning system) or the ACC (adaptive cruise control) — either can brake automatically. Did the truck flash !BRAKE! on the instrument cluster and sound an alarm or just slow down? The former would be the FCWS, the...
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    You’ll laugh at this

    Heh, if I stopped when the sensor panicked I'd still have my rear bumper hanging out of the garage. It didn't take long for me to get tired of the guesswork of "red alert + a few more inches." The squishy noodle works great for front to back but after a couple of instances where I got out of the...
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    You’ll laugh at this

    Yup, mine fits the same way; 2-3" of clearance on either end. If I left the hitch in the receiver I wouldn't be able to close the garage. I also have to tuck the nose around the steps leading into the house; I have maybe 3" of room there before I'm too far to the other side and risk catching the...
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    Anybody experience this glitch?

    It's happened to me once or twice. I turned the infotainment system off and back on again and the left channel came back.
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    Hard-wire Dash Cam Install

    It's in the first post in the thread (and a few others, I think):
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    Any regrets not getting 12" screen?

    The surround-view image isn't any larger on the 12" screen than it is on the 8.4" ones because it only runs half-screen. It's still fantastic for parking, of course. It was a pricey upgrade but definitely worth it IMO. To answer the OP's question; I ordered with the 8.4 instead of the 12 and...
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    Do you like your MDS?

    It is. The green ECO light means that MDS is active and you're running in four cylinder mode.
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    Ram Truck Sales Up 56% In June, Handily Beats Silverado:

    That seems like something that's really only an issue for people who get a new truck every year or two. Anyone who does that is apparently okay with taking a big hit of depreciation. I can't fathom doing that but if it works for them... As someone who plans on keeping his truck for at least 10...
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    Do you like your MDS?

    I didn't get eTorque on my truck so that's not what I'm experiencing. I did test drive a truck with eTorque, though, and the regenerative braking does have a similar feeling; just more pronounced.
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    Safest Truck I’ve ever driven

    That was my question as well. I've left automatic forward braking disabled (warning only) due to some of the stories here about it activating when there's nothing in front of the truck. I'd like to enable for situations like this, though, where the truck can react more quickly than I could.
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    2019 Limited Harman Kardan-Not happy.

    I think you're right. There's plenty of mid-bass but the low end deep bass is weak. I don't expect the shallow-throw 10" sub in the Ram to compete with the 12" sub I put in my previous truck but I'd like to think it's capable of a bit more. While I'm happy with my HK system overall you'll get...
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    2019 Limited Harman Kardan-Not happy.

    I think it's a personal preference/hearing thing. I'd like a bit more bass and find the highs to be a bit too bright.
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    Would you change anything?

    I spent the better part of a year working out what I wanted and ended up ordering so I pretty much got the perfect truck for me. The one option I should have included in the build was the deployable bed step but I ordered one and installed it myself.
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    2019 Laramie Won’t drive until seatbelt buckled

    The auto parking brake engages when you put the truck in park and disengages when you put it in gear with the driver's seat belt buckled. To disengage the parking brake without first buckling your seat belt, do it manually using the control by your left knee.
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    Music w/ 128GB Flash Drive - SOLUTION!!

    I was going to ask how you knew that it could see everything. What I've done (and how I know my system doesn't see everything) is to count the number of music files on the drive after adding them and then compare that to what UConnect reports as the total number of songs once the truck has had...