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    Anybody running 285/55R22?

    Di did you go with 35s or 285/55
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    Key Fob Issues

    Do you have part number for the astar ones
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    Tinted tails and 3rd brake light

    Love it
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    Making Progress De-Chroming Limited

    Looks good here’s mine
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    Chrome delete and level on 33s

    Level kit on 33s and chrome delete
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    24 dub futures

    Not really took about 2 min to install
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    Deleted all chrome from my 19' Limited!

    Looks damn good gonna do this soon to mine just didn’t know there was a wrap with enough flake to match the limiteds black paint
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    Deleted all chrome from my 19' Limited!

    Did you find a wrap to match the paint pretty good thinking of doing this to my black limited
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    24 dub futures

    Yes I lowered mine about 2 inches and the front 1 inch
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    Muffler size?

    Size of inlet and outlet?
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    Horrific Gas Mileage Hemi eTorque

    Just went on a 250 mile round trip earlier today on my hemi with no e tourqe and with about 500lbs in the bed and averaged 18.2 mpg on high . Was averaging 14.8 city so it went up a good amount . And I didn’t use cruise control
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    24 dub futures

    it actually has a bigger tire lol 305/35r24 . At least more tire than on the factory 22s and ride is really good I lowered it 1 inch all around with the adjustable links
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    24 dub futures

    24x10 dub futures
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    Front end clunk while turning - FIXED - TSB # 23-047-18

    Wonder if you get the noise without turning? Because I do
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    New to the page here is some pics of my limited

    Yeah front still sits about 1/4 shorter up front but not noticeable . The ride is exactly like stock so I think it’s worth not going up another 1/4 inch