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Recent content by SuthrnRAM

  1. SuthrnRAM

    Preowned 19’ Laramie Loaded question

    Wow thats wild! These prices are insane! Thinking I will just stay put with my car at the moment see how things go into the new year. It is hard though when ya find a truck ya like. I do appreciate all the insight here as we all love trucks and enjoy sharing info and tips with each other!
  2. SuthrnRAM

    Preowned 19’ Laramie Loaded question

    Thanks for the info, yeah I thought it seemed a bit high for an almost 3 year old truck. It is leveled with rims and tires too but that shouldn’t add that much to the pricing. The more I think about it maybe I will just take my time as I’m not really in a rush but went from truck to coupe and...
  3. SuthrnRAM

    Preowned 19’ Laramie Loaded question

    I might still go look at it, only seen it online and the sales person sent me a detailed video of it but it looks really nice. I also considered just getting a 18 model silverado with low miles for the time being as I don't put a whole lot of miles on my trucks. Found a few out there LTs that...
  4. SuthrnRAM

    Preowned 19’ Laramie Loaded question

    Ah yeah hey man I recognize your name from gmfullsize! I sold my truck back in April, of course now I'm missing being in a truck haha. Still have my old 01 1500HD with over 300k miles and running good! This one I found is pretty nice looking but totally forgot 19 was the first remodel year of...
  5. SuthrnRAM

    Preowned 19’ Laramie Loaded question

    Hey everyone, I’m thinking of getting back into a Ram as I sold my 17’ Silverado last spring. I found a 19’ model Laramie crew cab black with 3.92, large screen and sunroof with 19k miles for $51k. Does that seem decent in the current crazy market? I’m considering a new Silverado again but at...
  6. SuthrnRAM

    First Time Ram Owner

    Nice truck! Trump 2024!!
  7. SuthrnRAM

    An Engineer's Ultimate Guide To 3.21 VS 3.92 Axle Ratio

    I've been on a search for a new truck and can't seem to find any RAMs with the 3.92 gears. Is there a way to search for them? I put it in the keywords in cars.com but it only brings up a few and none have the sport package.
  8. SuthrnRAM

    Pics of 295/60/r20

    I would think it would rub at full lock with no type of leveling kit. I had 295/60/r20 Toyo MTs with bilsteins set at 2.1 on the stock 20in wheels on my 15 ram sport not rub at all was a great size tire looked perfect!
  9. SuthrnRAM

    Post Pics Of Wheels

    I think my favorite new wheel I keep seeing that doesn't look too wide is the Fuel Rebel wheel. Nice and clean wheel!
  10. SuthrnRAM

    How to Get the Best Price on Your New Ram

    I have a question on that FFP pricing, the companies listed where it says fleet, employees only, does that mean individuals working for said company wouldn't get the pricing just the company fleet vehicles? Guess I was a little confused what that meant on that company list sheet.
  11. SuthrnRAM

    2019 Silverado First Look

    I did like the previous model front end a bit better, although the wheel wells on this new one look way better than those hideous squared off wheel wells on the last generation. Too bad they didn't just leave the rest of the truck how it was and rounded out the wheel wells, would've looked much...