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    RamBox (only) Tonneau

    I had the same issue with them, placed an order than got a hold of them once and for 3 months have not heard a word after many attempts. Called my c.c and canceled my order. They are simply impossible to get a hold of.
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    What else in your garage?

    That's Genius when you hit the tennis ball you stop, ive never seen a hanging stop / parking guide before.
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    2019 Sport Laramie arrived

    It definitely is and was worth the wait but it sure makes the wait easier when you have a 911 to run your errands in.:D
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    BFGoodrich T/A KO2 vs Nitto Rodge Grappler

    How's that a bad habit? Purchasing one every 10 years would be a bad habit. You do however have an expensive good habit :) and a good choice in tires, I prefer the Nittos also but can't go wrong with either. You will go nuts trying to figure out which is better, just go with the one you would...
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    What did you do to your Ram today???

    Good thing you went with the Max Steel I can bearly tell its there.
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    Vader's Rebel is level, Motofab 2.5" and UCA's

    looks so much better, well done. You also can't go wrong with father-son time. can't wait for a proper way level an air suspension Ram.
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    Vader's Rebel is level, Motofab 2.5" and UCA's

    I wouldn't be invited, not a blue bombers fan nor do I drink Molson Canadian. But if you broadcast it Id watch.:D However, the wife was born in Neepawa so were almost neighbors, maybe that would get me a lawn chair.
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    Custom dual exhaust add 18hp?

    yup you're right, sounds nice, not sure if it's too loud. Its just to hard to compare different exhaust with videos. 18hp sounds like a lot for an exhaust but if it does even better but I'd purchase an exhaust for the look and sound and if it gives any additional HP then its a bonus.
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    2019 Limited Ram - Delivered but Dissapointed

    absolutely right, it would be nice if dealers had sales ppl that somewhat specialize in various vehicles. LIke having a person that knows there trucks or there Jeeps or Srt lineups of cars. Then we can feel like we're talking to professionals rather than just a salesperson/order taker. I...
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    2019 Limited Ram - Delivered but Dissapointed

    Well, this makes sense, if he didn't know about it how do you expect for him to warn you about it? I get it its frustrating but what do you expect someone that does not know to do prior to your ordering. If your truly not happy give it back and see if you can do a dealer locate without...
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    Seems the Billet Silver and Black Rebel is rare.

    Normally I'd say white looks like a work truck but you don't associate the rebel for a working vehicle. With the bottom black strip and all the blacked out emblems, it looks pretty darn good. I would like to do what another member did and black out the from skid plate. It's just to hard to pick...
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    Blacked out skid plate

    Love what you did to it, was that the one done with line-x?
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    Ride Quality w/ Off Road Package

    I'll second that, it dives pretty darn good. But like RT... said I never really drove one without so not much to compare to. I may be part of the minority but I prefer having the smaller rim size. (not that i dislike large rims) Just a preference for me and this truck.
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    Carven Exhaust Group Buy??

    Exact same boat, just waiting to hear the progressive before magnaflow is no longer on backorder.
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    New shoes!

    fooled me for a sec also, thought spinners were making a comeback. Your wife definitely came through for you this time.