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    4WD auto?

    Yep, good description. Mine does the same thing.
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    Auto 4wd, leave it on?

    I haven't had it looked at yet, but I am interested in hearing what they figure out on your truck. Hopefully they figure it out and it's an easy fix.
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    Just received email - “$50.00 Gift Card With Ram 1500 Test Drive”

    I got a little post-card type mailer in the mail back in November with the offer and the process you describe is basically how it went. It was the first one that dealer had seen so the salesman took it in to his manager to ask about it. Salesman asked if I wanted to take a test drive or if I...
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    How to Determine Build Date?

    Mine don't match either. Door jam sticker says September but my window sticker shows October.
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    Price negotiated from MSRP

    They should have more room - I got around $13K off of a less loaded truck... My Limited bought on 11/21: MSRP $62,585 Sale Price $52,852 after rebates $49,352 ($3500 in rebates)
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    Forward Collision Warning

    Granted, I've only had the truck for a few days, but I'm experiencing the same thing. ACC works great but I haven't seen FCW do anything. I'm not sure if it's not working or if it's just not as sensitive as other vehicles I've driven with similar systems.
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    Auto 4wd, leave it on?

    Any update on this? Did you end up taking it to the dealer? I tried 4WD AUTO twice today in slightly rainy conditions and also experienced what felt like a little binding when turning.
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    Rambox-equipped RAMs on dealer lots: do they exist?

    They exist, just not very many of them.