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    People with gas mileage issues

    Mine sucked for the first 1800 miles was 10-12 city,im up to 3600 miles and its 16-17 city
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    For those with 6 speaker base stereo who have upgraded-What speaker did you use?

    So what do you do with the door speakers if your staying with the 6 speakers, no amp or subs.
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    ReadyLift 3.5” SST & 295/65-20”

    Nice picture of granite in the granite state,did your milage suffer with the bigger tires.
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    Why no location?

    So true,I deliver all sorts of things, mainly to business but sometimes to homes, the way people react always reflects on how far I'll go seeing that it is tailgate delivery, meaning I bring it to the rear of the trailer,funny thing is people that physically work are much more likely to be nice...
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    Why no location?

    We voted that down last time, lot more politically correct dbags now,we'll see come November. I have a Veteran plate, 2 digit plates are for the weasels that polish a seat.
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    Why no location?

    I wouldn't think crime would be a problem for a small town
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    Let’s see your lineup! How many rams have you had!?

    That olive green is awesome !
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    Why no location?

    Well I live in Rhode Island, if you show up here with bad intentions you'll meet a couple of big dogs or my pals Smith and Wesson
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    Nobody has a clue?
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    Official flame red thread

    I dont remember the exact place,I know that I googled American flag auto stickers and there were many,I picked out a company from South Carolina, I cant remember the name,my stickers are 3x5, the Built to Serve edition has 4x6 stickers,which I didn't know at the time,I just looked and ETSY has...
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    Top Mods

    Did the drop in make any difference
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    How do we get our trucks ACC ignition position to stay on for more than a half hour? Going to a Drive In concert this Saturday night and dont want to keep resetting iit,I couldn't find anything in the owners manual.
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    Official flame red thread

    Like the look,too much work for me,lol
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    Official flame red thread

    Added a little color !