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    TRX Jump that makes you cringe!

    You got that right
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    TRX Jump that makes you cringe!

    Surprised that he didn't make his buddies lie on the ground under the jump!
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    Does aftermarket exhaust on 5.7 do anything?

    JANNETY that is,stupid spell check
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    Does aftermarket exhaust on 5.7 do anything?

    Hi flow cats would help,when I was into Camaros I had a CAI brand cold air intake , supposed to add 16 hp, I believe it, Janney did dyno tests on all major brands & had proof.
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    BLACK or RED Grill Emblem ???

    I went with this,gets lots of compliments
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    Official flame red thread

    I have your trucks twin
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    New to Ram - Big Horn or Laramie?

    I guess I got lucky, my big horn has level 2 and leather, someone pushed the dealer into upgrading the interior to leather and then backed out of the deal,I picked it up for just under 42k ,sticker plus the upgrading was over 55k.
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    Welcome Chrysler Factory Warranty as a site sponsor

    Whats the news on the bed step recall, mine was removed on the day I picked it up .......last May.
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    Ram Dude

    Lonestar, spellcheck overdoing it
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    Ram Dude

    Always thought that it's strange that they call this model Big Horn/Lunesta depending where you live.
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    Fifth wheel towing...

    You have to have thick skin on the internet, remember there is no stupid question...just stupid answers, the manufactures of 5th wheels don't have a problem misleading people into thinking it can be done, and it can ,but not always legally.
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    Fifth wheel towing...

    Start at the top,buy a used DP and tow your RAM behind, not having to get out when you stop for a break is a bonus, no nasty roadside rest areas, your own food,etc.
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    Those with bed covers...?

    I'm no scientist but if you had snow in the bed you can see the effects of the wind in the bed. A tonneau cover has to be somewhat effective, even if it is minimal
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    Those with bed covers...?

    Idk if it helps mpg(current 18.3) but I keep all my tailgating, camping & beach gear in there ,ready
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    Why still no MDS Disable 3rd party device?

    I thought using tow mode was how it was by passed,whats this other method being used?