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    Cap/topper options

    I really liked the idea of that Locker and almost ordered it. But I had a concern about it maybe blocking visibility via the rear view mirror. Any issue there?
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    Cap/topper options

    Thank you. My last couple trucks were white which I really like too. My wife talked me into a different color on this one.
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    35 Spare will it fit?

    Following... I’d like to know this as well.
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    Post your Crew Cab 6’4 bed. (Official Longbed Thread)

    I admit I’m not long but I am proud none-the-less :)
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    Official Delmonico Red thread

    Winter shot...
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    Fabtech 6" with coilovers questions.

    There is a guy on YouTube (“1500 Overland”) that has a set up you described. He has the ORP but he had to change out his rear springs to non-ORP after he installed the Fabtech coilovers just to reduce the rake. You can contact him through his YouTube channel.
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    Borla Touring Cat Back Exhaust Raleigh, NC???

    Agree completely. I have the Flowmaster American Thunder and I can’t stand the sound of my truck when MDS kicks on. Otherwise, love it. I override MDS routinely now.
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    6” Zone Lift going on!

    Exactly why I went with 18’s... more sidewall. Post the pics when you’re done brotha!
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    6” Zone Lift going on!

    “2WD-unfortunately and stupidly... Still trying to figure out a lift kit...ugh“.... Sometimes it’s easier to change trucks than it is to change a truck.
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    6” Zone Lift going on!

    6” BDS with 18x9’s 5” backspace and 12.5 x 35’s. I love the Ridge Grapplers.
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    6 inch lift with readylift uca?

    I’ve seen pictures of an install exactly as you describe. The angles looked wrong to me. The 6” kit comes with longer steering knuckles and the Readylift UCA’s were engineered for stock knuckles. I did the BDS 6” and their UCA’s. I’d recommend matching the UCA’s with the kit.
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    So, where’s all the trucks with 4” lift?

    This truck is perfect. Well done! What size rims including offset?
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    BDS 4" Released

    That looks really good!
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    Do you like your MDS?

    I don’t like the MDS at all. When it kicks in, I feel it in my seat and in the gas pedal. The truck feels like it’s having trouble getting out of its own way. And with my tuned exhaust, it gurgles loudly. I disable it every time I drive.
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    How are these trucks in heavy snow/blizzards?

    In most winter conditions, you don’t want to use your lockers. Really only if you are already stuck or trying to avoid being stuck at relatively low speeds. This is especially true in mountain driving with tight turns and off camber surfaces. Lockers will put you in the ditch before you know it.