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    Any rebels with 6inch lift?

    I have the 6” BDS on my ORP which has the same factory ride height as the Rebel. Very satisfied. I optioned up the Fox rear shocks and BDS UCA’s. My 35’s are on 18” Fuel Vectors.
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    Aftermarket exhaust drone while towing?

    I did the Flowmaster American Thunder cat back with black tips. I liked it over others because it’s 3” tubing all the way back to the tips which are 4”. Most others are 2.5” to 5” tips. The sound ranges from very tame to very loud depending on throttle pressure. Modest pressure produces am...
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    Inez 3/5 lowering kit installed

    I went the other direction but this truck looks awesome. Very cool.
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    OEM Chrome bumpers to OEM Painted bumpers

    Holy cow. Didn’t realize it was that expensive.
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    2019+ Rams with Lifts/Levels, and/or aftermarket wheel tire setups

    Agree whole heartedly.
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    OEM Chrome bumpers to OEM Painted bumpers

    Have you considered having the bumpers wrapped? I’ve seen some amazing wrap jobs.
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    Show some of your previous Cars!!

    Couple of mine.
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    Rebel Lift: NEED OPINIONS!

    Mine is not a Rebel but I do have ORP which gives it the same factory ride height. I went with BDS 6”. I live in Mountain West too and highway speeds through the winding mountain roads are no problem even at 6”.
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    4” lift 35 nitto on 20” fuel

    Only load I’ve put on them so far is towing my ski boat which is actually pretty heavy. Truck towed beautifully and tires tracked nicely and still no noise.
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    Front Locker?

    Following. I’d be interested to know this as well.
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    4” lift 35 nitto on 20” fuel

    Truck looks awesome. I couldn’t agree more about the tire choice. I did Ridge Grapplers this time and love them. Amazed how quiet they are.
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    Readylift 3.5" SST | Pro Comp 35X12.50x18 - DONE!

    You’re looking pretty close to level if not slightly higher in back? Do you mind taking measurements either from ground or center hub to underside of top center fender on both front and back. Mine is still slightly high in front and I’d like to get a baseline from someone who is level. Thx.
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    Readylift 3.5" SST | Pro Comp 35X12.50x18 - DONE!

    Looks fantastic. Good choices!
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    Off Road Package (ORP) 6" Lift

    Have you done the Pro Comp yet? If so, where are the pictures brotha?
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    Cap/topper options

    Mine is a Leer 100R. In hindsight, I wish I would have ordered the 100XR as the back door seals better. The lines would be the same on either.