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Recent content by Ramduke

  1. Ramduke

    Display Theme Resetting

    I hear ya Brian42, this is my first FCA as well. Is U connect 5 going to be compatible for existing units with 4?
  2. Ramduke

    Display Theme Resetting

    Nope, sure HAS NOT! I just got my 8.4” replaced because of the many other issues posted... Screen stays blank Audio will not make any sounds Camera stopped working Eventually all of those issue resolved themselves, except for: Previous screen retention of images and a smug looking spot burned...
  3. Ramduke

    Display Theme Defaults to Factory Preset Randomly

    Doesn’t Chrysler pay attention to things like this?! I just had my 8.4” replaced by the dealer (17k miles) because of every other issue posted previously... How can they let something so simple like retaining “Display Theme” go unanswered?!!! These trucks are pretty darn expensive. ITS CODE...
  4. Ramduke

    Hood Protector 2019 laramie 1500

    3rd that on PPF best looking option available hands down imo.