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    Emergency Accessories, Tools, Essentials

    I just came from another thread discussing the quality of the included jack with our trucks and thought I’d start a thread asking what type of emergency/roadside/bugout gear everyone is carrying. First aid kits. Survival gear. Flares. Lights. Portable Jacks. Battery jump packs. Tools. Blankets...
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    That jack is a PITA

    Does anybody recommend a good portable jack? I see those 12v electric/hydraulic but wonder if they’re junk. It would be good to have a solid kit in the truck: tools, breaker bar, jump pack, portable jack. I think I might go start a thread asking what everyone has so we can track it.
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    *UPDATE* $250 Rebate on ALL New Rams

    you don’t even need to sign it if your depositing it but if you want to just sign the back. Doesn’t matter.
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    Pentastar v6 anc system?

    What a fool. I saw ANC and was thinking MDS! More coffee is required.
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    Vertical Flag Graphics

    The “Union” or blue, should always be to the left of the observer. With front auto applications, many will flip the design so that the observer, vehicle in front of them, will see it displayed correctly in their rear view mirror.
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    Drove a 2020 tonight for an hour or so...

    Good write-up but if you think your truck is glued and hugs like nascar now, throw on a hellwig sway bar and tell me what you think. I wasn’t a believer, now I’m a worshipper.
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    Pentastar v6 anc system?

    Just the hemis have the anc
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    Random electrical issues

    It sounds like a potential ground issue. I’d check to make sure all your ground wires are tight, not just your battery, there are several ground wires on both sides inside your engine bay. Make sure they are all torqued properly and have good clean connections. I’d start there.
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    Tesla Unveils Electric Pickup

    I think Mel Gibson bought one :LOL:
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    Anyone have any photos of their “ tough “ Ram rear ?

    This should do it. They even come in purple! Bumper Balls
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    Tesla Unveils Electric Pickup

    Tesla unveils its first electric pickup, the Cybertruck, starting at $39,900
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    Black Friday Mods - Discussion

    Great post (y)
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    *UPDATE* $250 Rebate on ALL New Rams

    This one is US only unfortunately
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    I don’t have the part number handy. If you reach out to Matt at b2fab I’m sure he will get right back to you, he’s an awesome guy. There should only be one that works anyway since it requires a certain inlet/outlet size and offset (that’s why magnaflow has a few 14” options). If I’m able to dig...
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    *UPDATE* $250 Rebate on ALL New Rams

    Glad you guys in the most recent batch got your checks! @Rampat it looks like your persistence paid off! I bet you didn’t think you’d ever see that check! Glad you did.